The Evaluation of Reservoir Quality of Mishrif Formation in South and North Domes of Buzurgan Oil Field


Buzurgan field in the most cases regards important Iraqi oilfield, and Mishrif Formation is the main producing reservoir in this field, the necessary of so modern geophysical studies is necessity for description and interpret the petrophysical properties in this field.Formation evaluation has been carried out for Mishrif Formation of the Buzurgan oilfield depending on logs data. The available logs data were digitized by using Neuralog software. A computer processed interpretation (CPI) was done for each one of the studied wells from south and north domes using Techlog software V2015.3 in which the porosity, water saturation, and shale content were calculated. And they show that MB21 reservoir unit has the highest thickness, which ranges between (69) m in north dome to (83) m in south dome, and the highest porosity, between (0.06 - 0.16) in the north dome to (0.05 -0.21) in the south dome. The water saturation of this unit ranges between (25% -60%) in MB21 of north dome. It also appeared that the water saturation in the unit MB21 of south dome has the low value, which is between (16% - 25%).From correlation, the thickness of reservoir unit MB21 increases towards the south dome, while the thickness of the uppermost barrier of Mishrif Formation increases towards the north dome. The reservoir unit MB21 was divided into 9 layers due to its large thickness and its important petrophysical characterization. The distribution of petro physical properties (porosity and water saturation) has shown that MB 21 has good reservoir properties.