Unknown lines in Book Ratio El-Labib for Ibn Hisham (Study and Analysis) Mugni


Poetry received great attention from the linguists and considered it the first pillar for them until the word of the witness was later specialized, and became limited to poetry only and therefore we find the books of evidence does not contain hair and do not care about what else.The linguists cite the anonymous poetry that was issued by a reliable trust, and therefore considered the verses that were contained in the book Sebwayeh healthier evidence based on the successor after the predecessor, although there are many verses ignorance of those who.Sebwayh was keen to release the house from the ratio was if he was martyred in a house that did not mention Nazmeh, but refused to Ceboyh naming poets, because he hated to mention the poet and some poetry tells poets and some unknown unknown to him, because he gave the Covenant