Knowledge About Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Among Pregnant Women Attending Gynecology and Obstetrics Teaching Hospital in Kerbala


Background: PIH is a pattern of high blood pressure during pregnancy. It is one of the major causes of maternal mortality and neonatal morbidity in the world. It can be prevented by Health education for early detection and proper management of the disease and its complications.Objectives: To determine the level of knowledge of the pregnant women towards PIH.Methods: A cross sectional study, was conducted among pregnant women in outpatient clinic, wards of gynecology and obstetrics teaching hospital, in Karbala, Iraq within a period from 1st of March till 1st of June 2018A convenient sample of 295 pregnant women, data collection was done through direct interview., Consent to participate in the study was obtained in a form of verbal consent using a special questionnaire for the purpose of the study. Student T-test and ANOVA test were used to identify factors associated with the pregnant knowledge.Results: In this study, 81.7% of the pregnant women had heard about PIH. Their source of information was from relatives and friends, then health care providers. About half of the participants had a weak knowledge score (46.9%). The knowledge score is significantly associated with the age of the participants, type of family, past medical history of PIH, past medical history of gestational diabetes, practicing sport and regular antenatal care visits. Conclusions: Generally, the findings of the study showed that the knowledge about PIH was poor among the pregnant participants, that indicates the need to increase public awareness and knowledge about the disease.