Assessment of Nurses' Perception about the Nursing Profession in Al-Jamhory Teaching Hospital


Background and objectives: Nursing is a health care profession, which is focused on the care ofindividuals, families, and communities; so that they can attain, maintain, or recover optimum health.Nurses care for individuals of all ages and cultural who are healthy or ill in a holistic manner based on theindividual's needs. The aim of the study was to assess the nurses’ perception about the nursing professionin Al-Jamhory Teaching Hospital.Material and methods: A cross-sectional is design has been adapted at Al-Jamhory teaching hospital inMosul city for period from 10th November 2012 till 25th March, 2013, a simple random sample selectingof (180) nurse. The questionnaire validity was determined by presenting the items to a panel of experts'tutors of nursing college. The test and re-test approach used to determine the reliability of thequestionnaire (r = 0.80), the statistical analysis organized by (SPSS, Version 16).Results: the analysis of data revealed that (40%) of nurses' haven't good perception towards theirprofession, and (54%) of nurses are intended to leave the profession because low salary their percentagewas (72%). The personal factors represented the highest percentage (32%) among the factors affectingnurses' perception for their profession. The study founded the significant relationship between perceptionnursing professions and intends to leave profession.Conclusion: The present study shows some of the nurses in Al-Jamhory teaching hospital have a poorperception towards nursing profession, and the nurses had an intention to leave their profession becauselow salary.Key Words: Assessment, Nurses' perception, Nursing Profession.