The Correlation between obesity & ABO Blood Group of a sample of students of the Faculty of Education at the Univer- sity of Wasit


This study was conducted to determine the prevalence of obesity among young people and to determine whether there was any association between overweight and obesity with the ABO bloodgroup. The total number of students tested was 200 students (100 from each gender), in aged between 20 and 23 years. They took the weights and length of the individuals and entered the body mass index (BMI) equation according to the index of body mass by dividing the weight in kilograms per square meter in length and comparing the values calculated by the standard values shown in Table (3) and calculating the percentages for each weight category. Blood groups were recorded from the information taken for the some research members, and the test was performed in a way that matched those who did not know their blood samples and other random samples to verify the credibility of the information. The results were identical to the information obtained directly. The results were as follows: 2%,the proportion of individuals with a weight below normaldistributed equally between males and females and 71% is the proportion of individuals with normal weight, boys scored the highest percentage of girls while the proportion of people who suffer from obesity is 25% and the increase in girls by 2% of male. At the level of the blood groups, O group was the most overweight, followed by A, B, and AB, and only 4% in the O group.