The Role of Chou En Lai at the Geneva Conference in 1954


The research aims at discussing the diplomacy of Chou En Lai at the Geneva Conference and the most important views and proposals he presented during the discussions of the Conference, which finally formed the basis of the agreements reached at the Conference, particularly what is concerned to the peaceful resolution of the war in the Indo-China region. In this study, the researcher reached several conclusions that the diplomacy of Chou En Lai was able to achieve several results, most important was ending the war in Indo-China and neutralizing it, and preventing any American attempt to interfere in it. It also opened channels of communication with some major European countries such as Britain and France, and was the path of further strengthening relations with these countries. It can be said that China's participation in the Geneva Conference and its call for peaceful resolution of disputes contributed in changing the stereotypical image promoted by the United States of America which asserts that China is one of the poles of the war.