Evaluation Maize Genotypes for Yield and Yield Components and Constructing Selection Index.


This experiment was conducted at farm of field crops department, collage of agriculture, Duhok University in spring 2018 to construct selection index. The results showed that all selection indices include the yield gave relative efficiency equal to those when used the yield only, the increase in efficiency was very low and not important, selection index was a few relative efficiency as a compered with efficiency index which include the yield, therefore, the best selection index was depend on the yield only to select the better indices and some variance components to twenty maize genotypes according to Randomize Complete Block Design with three replication, also the result exhibited that the GCVwas medium for all characters except grain yield while, the PCV was high for grain yield, ear height and 300 grain weight and medium for the rest characters. The GAM gave high values for grain yield, plant and ear height and leaf area, the value range between 22-40 while the others characters showed medium values. On other hand the results showed high heritability broad sense ranged from %80 to %99 for all characters except 300- grain weight.