The role and importance of scientific research in creating new knowledge and its impact on developing the cognitive capabilities of information and librarians and their Employees


The research aims at identifying the importance of scientific research for researchers and in creating new knowledge، development and utilization of mental and cognitive energies and developed them with the ability to research، extrapolation، meditation and then conclusion. The information was collected by interviewing the Secretary-General of the Central Library and by distributing questionnaire forms to the (33) teaching staff of the College of Higher Education. The responses of the society were analyzed the result and the recommendations were the most important 1. Information specialist and all employees of the administrators and technicians in the centers of information sources (libraries) and in the field are considered scientific researchers experienced in the field of their work and by agreement and by 100%2. Self-configuration and altruism in obtaining information and scientific knowledge in scientific research have an effective impact on the development of knowledge and knowledge capabilities of information specialists and workers in the field and the agreement and by 100%:3. Adoption of the research provided a condition of the requirements of the promotion of information specialists and professionals in the field of administrators and technicians and by 92%The recommendations were4. The need to ask information specialists from the administrators، technicians and all workers in the field of information and scientific research libraries within their competence and the place in which they work (attention to specialize flour) as the researchers experienced in the field of flags work and competence5. The need to provide the budget and adequate financial support for research and development and put it at the forefront of the basic requirements of the state like the countries of the developed world6. The necessity of holding monthly or quarterly lectures on the importance of scientific research and its role and impact in creating new knowledge and on developing the cognitive abilities of researchers and practitioners in the field