The culture of dealing with the child –field study in Baghdad


There is no doubt that one of the most important features of the era in which we live is the interest in education, so that a number of men of thought did not hesitate to call the current age (the era of education), and the fact that the concept of education is one of the main purposes that seek The majority of countries in the world today to develop it by destroying the principles and educational systems old assessment on the ruins of a new educational art based on the child's observation and how to deal with it, while at the same time working to study the nature and tendencies and preparations scientifically, and try to understand his understanding that the careful study of how to deal With the baby was not Wailed this moment, but specialization in this field, many scientists and social workers and child psychology in particular. This great interest invites us to wonder why this interest in the affairs of education and the art of the culture of dealing with children? This concern is mainly due to the public opinion, which is aware that modern education has become an urgent and vital necessity for society. The world says: "I believe strongly that education and the culture of dealing with children is The basic means of human progress, and the foundation upon which any social reform must be based.) Indeed, reforms based only on what the laws of Guanyin are making are futile reforms, because they only involve superficial changes and therefore cannot be sustained And the continuation, either true or true, is what drives A culture of dealing with children according to new and modern standards is the only way to advance these assets. Through education, society can draw the noble goal that it wants to achieve to fulfill its full civilization mission, or through education that can be men who move towards achieving that end. If we want to achieve prosperity for the society and ensure its progress, we must start our work by Educate young people on sound foundations. In this, I would like to say that those who underestimate education are considered less dangerous if they are measured by politics, economics and legislation. Indeed, education is the most dangerous of these issues combined because it is the strength of society. No nation can give birth to the sons of Nubian in matters of politics, economy and legislation. They are characterized by their love for their country and their devotion to their upbringing, unless they have grown since their youth and softness on good assets and nurtured in their upbringing if they ever achieve their goals