Cervico-vaginal fluid prolactin in premature rupture of membranes


Abstract:Background: Pre labour rupture of membranes (PROM) is one of the most common complications of pregnancy that has a major impact on pregnancy outcome. The assessment of women with possible membrane rupture is management issue faced in every day practice.Objective: To evaluate the diagnostic power of the vaginal fluid prolactin concentration in pre labour rupture of membranes.Patients and Methods: A total of 100 pregnant women were recruited in this study. The PROM group consisted of 50 pregnant women between 24 and 41 weeks gestation with confirmed PROM by amniotic fluid pooling and Nitrazine paper test. A control group consisted of 50 pregnant women with similar gestational age without any complaint or complication. All patients underwent speculum examination for amniotic fluid pooling, Nitrazine paper test, vaginal fluid sampling was done then presence of prolactin in this fluid was measured by ELISA.Follow up of pregnancy outcome to detect gestational age at birth and time interval between sampling and delivery then statistical analysis of data has been performed to determine the reliability of vaginal fluid prolactin in diagnosis of pre labour rupture of membrane.Results: Vaginal fluid prolactin were significantly different between the two groups (P < 0.001) being higher in the PROM group than the control group.Conclusion: Prolactin in cervico-vaginal fluid may be helpful in the diagnosis of pre labour rupture of membranes