stimation of Sodium Benzoate in Locally Manufactured Pickles Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Technique


The primary detection of sodium benzoate in 50 samples of domestic-madepickles, collected randomly from different regions in the province of Basrah. The resultsshowed that 35 of them with a positive examination and that might be indicated to presence ofthis substance, which constitute 70% of the total samples examined, the samples withpositive result in primary detection were Analysis to estimate the amount of sodium benzoatein it using high performance liquid Chromatography Technology( HPLC). The results showedthat the average of concentration of the samples affiliated to the El Geneina, Abi-Alkhaseeb,Al-Ashar (Abe Al sawed Street, Khaddara), Al-Abulla, Al-Makil, Albradai, Al-Husseininspired, Al-Hade, Al-Zubair, Al-Jumhuria and Algazaaer amounted to 3.4673, 4.3682,1.8855, 1.4049, 0.9778 ,0.9702,1.1586, 1, 0.9125 ,0.9997 and 1.1227 g/kg for each of them,respectively, and the results showed that 68.57% of the total samples analyzed exceed thelimit set by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.