Challenges and transformations taking place in higher education at the present stage and ways to address them


Founded Diyala University in 1999, four faculties were previously associated with the University of Mustansiriya, and despite the lack of adequate preparation for the construction of this university since the facilities occupied were originally designed for purposes other than education, and lack of equipment and supplies scientific, and poor financial support, and lack of members of the teaching, this university has contributed with its sister universities in Iraq in promoting the level of higher education to complete with the university thesis that suit the needs of the continuing and growing the various fields of knowledge, as it has taken major steps to lay the foundations of educational and scientific infrastructure Vosst colleges other since become a portfolio of nine colleges as well as on the development of Graduate Studies - Master in a number of colleges, on the other hand and put this University an ambitious plan to create the buildings of the university faculties and departments of internal and halls, library, clubs and apartment complexes for its members, and actually began to work in these projects.But that this university, if unchanged other state institutions, suffered significant damage in its infrastructure on the tenth day of April in 2003, with a large number of thieves and robbed the owners of sick souls, looting and destruction of all the assets of the university became lays waste. And the efforts of the benevolent members of faculty and administrative bodies in record time and were able to re-develop the building blocks again.