The Impact of Perceived External Prestige on Employee Outcomes through the Mediator Role of Organizational Identification: Applied Research in the ‏ General Company for Electrical Industries in Baghdad / Waziriya.


The current research aims to investigate the extent to which The impact of perceived external prestige on employee outcomes through the mediator role of organizational identification through providing an intellectual framework regarding the variables of research supported by the analytical application of the ‏ general company for electrical industries in Baghdad / Waziriya. To achieve the objectives of current study I had used questionnaire as a tool of data collection, by using random stratified random sampling. The research sample was represented by (288) employees in the company, and after investigation of the scale I had use a number of statistical methods and tools to validate research hypotheses, such as(mean, standard deviation, Correlation Coefficient, direct and indirect effect analysis using the structural equation modeling method, and the Sobel test to verify the significance of the intermediate role assumptions) the research reached specific conclusions, the most important of which is that organizational identification variable as an mediator variable contributes in increasing the perceived external prestige in employee outcomes, and therefore the existence of organizational identification will compensate for part of the direct impact of the perceived external prestige in employee outcomes and against on this I had formulated a set of recommendations that will be useful to those who are interested in the current research.