The Relationship between Lean Maintenance and Green Maintenance and their Impact on Enhancing Sustainable Development: A Case Study at the North Oil Company of Iraq


The industrial organizations in the developed world attempt to apply the lean maintenance techniques and the green maintenance techniques in a single time, because they contribute to the maintenance of the production machines and their return to work. They also contribute to reducing the amount of waste of resources and preserving the natural environment by reducing the waste and pollutants resulting from its production operations, and therefore this will help these organizations to achieve the sustainable development of natural resources, and in this sense the main objective of the current study is to find the relationship between lean maintenance and green maintenance and to show their impact on the development of renewable Through the study of the field in the North Oil Company in Iraq, and after reviewing the reality of the work of the company investigated, the data and information were collected from the records of the company and its personnel and using the questionnaire designed for this purpose, and then analyze these data based on the statistical program (SPSS ), and in the light of the analysis process, the study came up to a number of conclusions and suggestions that fit the nature of the study.