Civil liability provisions for software designers (comparative stud).


As a result of technological development witnessed by the world in various fields, which has already led to the emergence of computers and the widening use in various fields, as computers are becoming relied on in the completion of a lot of jobs and tasks, as is well known that these devices are not functioning and functions of the There were no programs are is a spirit inside the computer, where he spends big money in order to design these programs, preparation and other peer-to obtain, and are getting these programs by individuals and institutions through legal relate these programs, and this relationship is the contract between the parties does not rule out that the software is designed responsibility (programmer) in the case of breach of any of its obligations or legal Streptococcus, the responsibility is designed computer programs (programmer), like its special provisions will try to highlight them through this search. We will discuss the subject of the provisions of the Civil Liability for designers of computer software in the first two sections looking at civil liability suit and the impact to be set up, while the second part, we will look the agreements modifying the responsibility and the means to pay and responsibility for their suitability designed computer programs