of God Almighty on the qualities of deficiency in Oyoon AKhbar AL-Redha


Oyoon Akbar al-Redha is a book of novels by Shaykh al-Saduq, which often conveys novels about Imam al-Rida (peace be upon him) about his father. This research highlights the interpretive narratives of the question of belief in God Almighty to deny the qualities of the lack of Himself Almighty. The novel of this study is an interpretation of the similar verses that the Almighty said therein (He is the one who revealed to you the book from him verses of arbitrators are the mother of the book and the other similar, either those who are in their hearts aberration and follow what is similar to him in order to sedition and seeking interpretation and knows the interpretation except God and established in science say they believed in him all of our Lord and only remember Olo AL-Albab), It is to take the appearance of the verses are similar to temptation. The novel came in the Oyoon Akhbar Al-Redha to explain and show the meaning of those verses similar and denied all the status of the lack of the likes of blocking, moving and coming and negative qualities such as irony, mockery, cunning, and deception.