Strategic ingenuity in achieving sustainable competitive advantage: Applied study in the new Kufa Cement Plant


Abstract:-The objective of the study is to explore the impact of strategic ingenuity through its pillars (opportunity exploration strategy, opportunities exploitation strategy and structural excellence) in achieving sustainable competitive advantage through its dimensions (creative culture, core value, strategic flexibility, and information technology). The problem of research has focused on the nature of the relationship of correlation and influence between the variables of the research, and for this to develop a hypothesis of the research that reflects the main hypotheses, and the validity of the hypotheses were subjected to multiple tests to ascertain their validity. The questionnaire was used as a means of obtaining data. The descriptive analytical method of research. A random sample of the managers of the divisions and the laboratory sections was selected and their number was (50) out of (90), 45 were retrieved for testing (55%), The data were then analyzed using the software (pct v.10 SPSS). The results show that the organization's reputation is one of the most important strategic goals it seeks to achieve by creating superior working mechanisms, requiring further studies to take its place in competitive markets.Keywords: strategic ingenuity, opportunity utilization, structural ingenuity, sustainable competitive advantage.