Chants in kinder garden


Abstract:-Chanting of the kindergartensChanting is an audible element that effects the whole children activities.There is lack of importance in this field as an educational role related to the rest of curriculum terms in kindergartens.This research aims to realize the chanting affections as an educational influence and it has multi-forms with the goal preforming of children in relationship with the kindergarten and their science skills.This research includes three sub-researches; the first is about definitions and techniques of these chanting. The second is about the goals and conditions of these chanting then the third one is about the kinds and the uses of them، according to the survey of these values، this research came to the importance of chanting un the educational role which is delightful to children. These chanting has kinds of terms to be chosen.Chanting serves children in loving their country، religion and community.The research has also suggestions concerning chanting like hosting technicians and sponsorship of the specialized technical institutions.The research contained 19 scientific sources.Key Words:- ethics, - music, Songs, kindergarten, television, radio