The ethics of the teaching profession in Islamic educational thought during Islamic civilization are selected models


Ethics of Education in Islamic Educational Thought during Islamic Civilization (SelectedModels)Dr. Kifah Yahya Saleh Al-AskarI M.M Muhannad MajeedPhilosophy of Education Teaching MethodsThe problem of research is to try to identify the ethics of the education professionamong Islamic thinkers and educators by answering the following question:What is the ethics of the educational profession in Islamic educational thought duringthe Islamic civilization?The importance of research is as follows:. 1-The great importance of moral values as a subject to which our schools need tobuild good people on solid foundations.2-This research is important religious, moral and social because of the urgent needto the subject because we currently need the most important ethics at a time when theinterests and objects dominated the relations and transactions between people.Objective of the research: The current research aims to identify the ethics of theeducation profession in Islamic educational thoughtLimitations of the research: The current research sets out a review of the system ofethics of the teaching profession among some Muslim scholars in the Arab civilization,namely:1-Companions Abdullah bin Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) (68H) 2 - Imam AbiHanifa Numan (150 H) 3 - Accounting (243 H) 4 - Ibn Muskawi (421 H) 5 - Ibn Rushd (595H) 6. Al-Nawawi (676H) 7. Al-Suyuti (911 H) .