The Impact of Human Resources Management Strategies in Achieving the Competitive Advantage: An Analytical Study in North Oil Company


This study aimed to demonstrate the importance of human resource management strategies in achieving the competitive advantage in North Oil Company-Kirkuk as a field of study. In addition to demonstrate the nature of the relationship between variables, and it based on deductive approach which is derived from the positivism philosophy, and depending on that it used analytical descriptive approach to analyses the collected data from the study community of the all (1107) department and division heads, and chose a (291) purposive sample (non-random) of them. The researcher had adopted the questionnaire as a primary tool, (286) of them were valid for analysis. The results showed that there is an impact of the human resources management strategies in achieving competitive advantage. At the sub dimension level, the restructuring strategy was more effective in the competitive advantage, Moreover the effect of Recruitment & Stimulus Strategy, as to the training & development strategy, it had not go far enough, as the results showed no effect to the competitive advantage. The results showed a lack of significance. Through the analysis results, a set of recommendations have been formulated, highlighted by the recommendation to contribute those who direct the human resources in preparing and planning the overall strategy in the company to ensure that the human resources of the company are applied in their strategy plans. And raise the problems that hinder its work in finding the appropriate solutions.