The Narrative Form of the Character A Study in Noor Faris "Rose Water"


There are several elements of the narrative form. These elements are well-known and have a basic role in building the narrative work. The character represents the main component of those elements. In fact, it is very difficult to produce any narrative text without the existence of characters since they represent the backbone on which other elements stand and set out to the space of the narrative form . Actually, narrative characters require a special formal and constructive formula through which they can undertake this exceptional role in bringing the process of the textual narrative building into its ideal state.The basic well-known dimensions of the character can be classified into three types: First, the general external dimension can be discerned through the general external features. Secondly, the internal dimension can be formed out of a group of deep internal features that help the external dimension in appearring · Finally, the social dimension completes the general image of the character. In the current study, Noor Faris "Rose Water" is chosen as a field of reading, analysis and discussion.