English Language Learners’ Attitudes toward the Effectiveness of Communicative Strategies to Develop Their Speaking Skill


The present study aims at finding out English language learners’ attitudes toward the communicative strategies that are applied in the classroom and thus discover the effectiveness of these strategies so as to improve the learners’ linguistic communicative competence. The aim is achieved by the following null hypothesis which states that English instructors have lacks in teaching and improving the communicative strategies so that the learners have no awareness about the best means to select among these strategies so as to improve their English language main skills generally and speaking skill in particular. The study is limited to the instructors and the students of the second stage of English language department / college of Education / Salahaddin University –Erbil for the academic year 2018-2019. Results show that there is no statistically significance differences among the students concerning the applied communicative strategies but they have positive attitudes towards them. Based on the above result, some conclusions, recommendations and suggestions for future research have been put forward.