Articles and Crafts in Baghdad (A Study in their Origins and Composition until the End of the Buayhi Period 149-447 AH / 766-10555)


Important social formations emerged in the Abbasid period that played a prominent role in public life in Muslim cities in general, and in Baghdad the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate in particular. This era witnessed a clear development in the literal side, which eventually led to a clear emergence of these formations in the Islamic cities and from these formations, varieties and crafts. Their appearance was associated with the development of Islamic cities and the development of the outlook for work and occupation.The research handles three topics, the first topic included the concept of varieties and crafts and their composition and organization, while the second topic was the relationship of varieties and crafts with the civil institution, and the third topic dealt with the relationship of items and crafts with the military establishment. The conclusion includes the findings of the research