Talent management in the intellectual capital industry: An exploratory study of the sample of employees at the Korean Training Center / Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs


Talent management is a contemporary topic that many organizations seek to applybecause of its role in attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining talented individualswithin the organization, which reflects positively on the performance of the organizationand contributes to the manufacture of intellectual capital capable of generating creativeideas that achieve excellence for the organization and increase Many organizations stilllack talent management processes and do not pay enough attention to the development oftheir intellectual capital, so this research aims to know the level of application of talentmanagement in the Korean Training Center, affiliated to the Ministry of Labor and SocialAffairs Conscious, and the availability of intellectual capital in Antrzalmzkor, as researchaims to examine the relationship between the impact and talent management andintellectual capital.To achieve this goal, the descriptive analytical approach was adopted. The researchcommunity was represented at the Korean Training Center of the Ministry of Labor andSocial Affairs. (SPSS V.20) To test the hypotheses and interpret the results using anumber of statistical tools such as (arithmetic mean and standard deviation, correlationcoefficient R, the determination coefficient R2 and t and F tests).