Evaluation of plasma fibrinogen in diabetes mellitus type 1 patients


ABSTRACT: Background Diabetes mellitus is a clinical syndrome characterized by hyperglycemia due to absolute or relative deficiency of insulin. Death may result from acute metabolic decompensation. Aim: To evaluate the level of plasma fibrinogen in diabetic patients type 1 and compare the results with the normal subjects and to estimate the effect of glycemic control and the duration of the disease on the level of plasma fibrinogen. Patients&Methods: This study was conducted on fifty patients, having type 1 diabetes mellitus DM and were insulin dependent. All the patient were attending the National Diabetes center, Al-Mustansiryia University, from February to April 2010. Results: This study was conducted on 50 patients all with type 1 diabetes mellitus, they include 30 female and 20 male ,with female/male ratio was 1.5/1 ,the age range of patients among 1-20 years ,also included a control group of fifty, age and sex matched, normal healthy volunteers, had no family history of diabetes. Conclusions: By comparing the coagulation parameters in diabetic and control subjects there was a significant increase in plasma fibrinogen in diabetic patients ,also there was improvement in fibrinogen level with glycemic control in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus, thus will modulate the hypercoagulable state associated with this disease, plasma fibrinogen level is unaffected by the duration of the illness and sex of patients.