Relationship of body mass index (BMI) to dyslipidemia in Type2 diabetes mellitus


T2DM is a chronic disease characterized by hyperglycemia as a result of insulin dysfunction. Both Dyslipidemia and obesity are considered cardinal features of T2DM. Aims: To study the relationship of BMI with serum lipid profile in T2DM patients.Methods: The study consisted of 200 T2DM patients and 200 control individuals. Phenotypic parameters included are body mass index (BMI), and fasting blood sugar (FBS) and lipid profile.Results :The statistical analyses used to analyze the data.A significant positive correlation of serum TC, TG and LDL levels and significantly negative correlation of serum HDL levels with BMI in patients with T2DM (p<0.001).


T2DM, BMI, lipid profile