The Impact of POE Model (predict, note, explain) in Addressing the Problems of Aquiring Technical Skills for Students’ Motor Hyperthyroidism (ADHD)


The current research aims to identify the impact of the model (POE) model (prophesy - note - interpret) associated with the method of learning to play the art of art education. through:1-Preparation of teaching plans in accordance with the model (POE) (predicted - note - interpret) associated with the way of learning to play the art of art education.2-Identify the impact of teaching plans on cognitive achievement to improve skill performance in his school duties.3-Identify the impact of teaching plans on the treatment of disease (ADHD).The researchers adopted the experimental approach in the design of their research procedures as the most appropriate scientific methods to achieve the goal of research, so the experimental design of the experimental and control groups was tested after the test.Since the research community is broad within the geographical area of the Directorate General of Education Rusafa (2), so (10) primary schools were randomly selected, applied them (Conners scale) to detect patients with hyperactivity and distraction attention and after the correction appeared that there are (57) students only Thus, the research community identified those students who were found to be distributed in(4) primary schools. The research came out with a number of conclusions, the most important of which are:1-Determining the pupils' reinforcements through direct observation according to the standards.2-The paramount importance in the behavior modification depends on the systematic use of the modification procedures on the skill performance form with very high results.3-The effectiveness of behavior modification is more if we learn to promote the desired behaviors by the teacher, colleagues and parents.