The relationship between electrical conductivity and Ionic strength to dielectrical charge , Na2CO3,Na2SO4


In this paper stadied the relationship between electrical conductivity to strong electrolytes and ionic strength (I) by using strong electrolytes dieledrical charge (Sodium Sulphat and Sodium Carbonate) with different. Concentration about (0.01 - 1.0) molar and measurement the electrical conductivity and calculate the ionic strength.By applied the relationship between ionic strength and electrical conductivity and obtained the factors (F) of this relationship in limit of concentration this method calculate the ionic strength directly by measuring of conductivity of any unknown sample. This relationship give the result more accuracy and very simply and less hard. In addition we mixture solution of two electrolytes and different concentration .The indicated results that the mixture of salt reduce the conductivity with increasing of ionic strength because the common ion and effect of solubility and the ion pairs however the relaxation solvent the ionic strength values have been applied from the suggested mathematical relationship in Extended Debye-Huckle equation and the result were similar