Surfactant Cloud Point Extraction as a Procedure of Preconcentrating for Metoclopramide Determination Using Spectro Analytical Technique


In current article an easy and selective method is proposed for spectrophotometric estimation of metoclopramide (MCP) in pharmaceutical preparations using cloud point extraction (CPE) procedure. The method involved reaction between MCP with 1-Naphthol in alkali conditions using Triton X-114 to form a stable dark purple dye. The Beer’s law limit in the range 0.34-9 μg mL-1 of MCP with r =0.9959 (n=3) after optimization. The relative standard deviation (RSD) and percentage recoveries were 0.89 %, and (96.99–104.11%) respectively. As well, using surfactant cloud point extraction as a method to extract MCP was reinforced the extinction coefficient(ε) to 1.7333×105L/ in surfactant-rich phase. The small volume of organic solvent (500L/sample) provides an environmentally friendly and low-cost preconcentration method. The suggested method was utilized for analyzing of MCP in commercial pharmaceutical injections.