Digital Drugs (modern style and absence in legislative confrontation)


Digital Drugs are audio files in the form of a special music heard by the addict through the headphones with special specifications, so listen to the right music ear particular frequency differs from the frequency of the left ear music, which makes brain of listener is trying to blend the frequencies arises as a result of this hearing music hesitantly different from the original frequencies, and as a result of this, the brain can stimulate nerve cells to certain secretion of hormones that make the addict feel a certain sense of ecstasy or joy or drowsiness or illusion and imagination, and so of sensations, and must take into account the rules and rituals of a certain order to give the audio file into effect; the dangerous in this subject is the spread and popularity of this type of drugs in the community like fire in straw, and the increasing numbers of drugs abusers to it, and in return the absence of legislative confrontation and regulation of this matter.