The Educational Institution and its Role in Social Control: Socio Anthropological Vision of Iraqi Society


Each social institution has its own importance in the process of socialization and cooperates and supports each other to support social construction. The family plays an important role in raising the individual and shaping his behavior, values and interests through the cultivation of values and behavioral patterns in the children. The school follows up on what the family started to do a deliberate educational function in order to prepare a conscious and educated generation capable of building and giving, and in the process of integrating students and their compatibility with the prevailing system of society through the various educational activities that achieve the student to satisfy the psychological, emotional, scientific and spiritual needs.Most of the educational institutions in the Iraqi society in the current stage have been subjected to tremendous vibrations and repercussions that led to a significant decline in educational performance, which reflected negatively on the social and family reality, which led to a clear imbalance in the value system in the community, which requires clear remedies and the joint efforts All specialists and stakeholders to reform this system to serve the community and the educational institution in all its branches.This research aims to identify the reasons for the failure of the educational institution in the performance of its tasks, especially after 2003 and the changes that took place in Iraqi society, and to identify the role of the educational institution in the fight against the culture of corruption and the mechanisms used to do so. The research relied on the descriptive analytical method which focuses on the social phenomenon and study it in all its aspects to study the scientific accurate to reach the important and basic results serve science.