The reality of education in Palestine 1869-1948


This paper deal with the situation of education in Palestine during the Ottomam period the last period of the British Mandate, the legacy of this historical period from the effects of extremely dangerous for the future of the Palestinian people in all areas, including the field of education, and continued research development of the state of education in the country in terms of number schools and the number of students and the quality and forms of education since the beginning of education in Palestine in the late Ottoman period and the conditions of Arab education in Palestine during the British Mandate and the educational policy in Palestine and support parents, in addition to the reality of non-formal education (private) and popular support. The research found a number of conclusions can be summarized the following points: 1.Did not give the 0ttoman government needed attention to education in Palestine until the year1846 it took over the ottoman government after this date, the task of overseeing the education, management and updating, so set up primary schools and secondary schools(middle school and Errachidia),and the language of instruction in the schools is the Turkish language and English,French,German,Italian and Arabic. 2.The purpose of British policy in Palestine to the educational expansion of the non-Arab education, so as not to create a generation of educated stood against British colonial policy, which aimed primarily to the establishment of a strange entity in the body 0f Palestine(Israel).As well as inhibiting the development of agricultural education in Palestine Palestinian farmer in orderto stay away from the possibility of using modern methods in agriculture, which means weakening the Palestinian economy and made need for the continued support from Britain. 3.Share the supreme Islamic Council and parents support the efforts of movement education, and increase the number of Islamic schools to large numbers helped the Palestinian people to national awareness-raising and public education. The spread of education among Christians, the sons of Palestine, and to surpass the number of educated Muslims, and is due to spread to the efforts of foreign missionaries in Palestine. 4.Despite the constraints of the many that have guided education in Palestine, in the duration of the study should not he enjoyed modest level that was not acceptable in the two last Ottoman and British Mandate compared to what it is in other Arab countries, in the Ottoman period last there Inspectorate of special education in Palestine as will as other pillars of education, and during the British Mandate there was a(535)public school learn the limits of (93,550)students, but that did not prevent the spread of high illiteracy rates in Palestine.