The impact of using three methods in learning movement two-handed jumping on a prancing in Gymnastic


Research aims to identify the impact of using the method followed instructions and training method (practice) and the differences between mastery and method in learning movement two-handed jumping on a horse jumping, the study was conducted on a sample of students in the Faculty of physical education-University of Anbar where total respondents (21 students) Distributed on three smaller groups one officer and two experimental. After testing tribal experience major and implemented over three weeks with two educational institutions in the week, with a unified application platform tutorial on three but with a difference learning method for each group, (PC, using the method instructions), (first experimental method uses mastery), (pilot training method uses the second (practice)), and introduced methods applied in part of the educational unit only which was her time (90 minutes) after completion of the procedures experiment was testing Dimensions and processed data statistically researcher concluded an effective educational methods used as the first far training method and method instructions and finally method mastery by findings.