Investigating the Translation Programme at two Yemeni Universities in the Light of PACTE’s Translation Competence Model


The present study aims to analyse the current translation programme at two Yemeni universities, namely the University of Science and Technology (UST) and Al-Saeed University (SU) with a view to finding out to what extent the formal training of the Student translators (STs) contributes to the errors/problems they encounter in the actual process of translation. It argues that the problems encountered by the translators can be overcome or minimized if they are taken into account in the process of training the translator/interpreter. Using questionnaires as the main instrument, the study concluded that the syllabus contributes mainly to the lack of translation competence of the STs. It also concluded that the STs are generally not satisfied with the programme. The study recommended that teaching materials need to be revamped and all the translation sub-competencies should be considered.