An economic and standard study of factors affecting sustainable economic development in the agricultural sector of Iraq (1990-2017)


Sustainable development refers to an integrated approach to environmental and economic management Human resources and institutional capacity the first development goals will increase per capita income the treatment of hectic reasons for the hero and the uneven equivalent distribution for growth and wealth to alleviate poverty. Economic growth and urbanization have put pressure on resources natural environment and many natural resources have taken degradation or threatened with complete disappearance in some cases. This is due to unsustainable resource management and the imbalance between increasing demand and limited supply it is worth mentioning that the indicators of sustainable development in the Arab world are low when compared to the countries of the developed world. The absence of sustainability polices was born on the path of sustainable development in Iraq and negatively affected its social economic and environmental dimensions in addition economic development can only be achieved without concern for the environment achieving sustainable development can only be achieved through the adoption of an integrated development strategy three-dimensional social ,economic and environmental. The study reached a number of conclusions sustainable development faces several challenges in various aspects the most important is the high rate of unemployment challenge facing the Iraq government at the moment is where corruption affects negatively on sustainable development indicators there is a huge gap between Iraq and neighboring countries in most sustainable development indicators. Iraq agriculture suffers low productivity and low share of public investment in agriculture the low level of financial allocations reduced the contribution of the agricultural sector in GDP and dramatically. There is range of resources and agricultural potential unexploited and exploited still below the level of exploitation economic optimization Lack of community and political management that create the appropriate platform for sustainable development and the lack of a future strategy to develop indicators and address the deficiencies and shortcomings. The study also reached a number of recommendations, including: Encouraging the achievement of the initial goals of sustainable development in particular with respect to the fight against poverty, health care unemployment and improving the living standard and others strengthen efforts to make the Iraqi economy a stable and multi-dominant destruction to be more competitive and face challenges. Poverty is a major challenge in the Arab world in the development of the sustainable development, as it requires the creation of the appropriate climate of investment locally and regional, and the development of a mechanism for social solidarity at the national level. In addition to the integration of Arab countries in various fields with the priority of employment Arab contribution to the contribution of the spread of poverty and unemployment. Coordination with the College of Agriculture by developing curriculum in the name of sustainable development including the curricula of all parts of agriculture, work with the directorate of agriculture in issuing a magazine or publication for agricultural development that includes research, articles and all concerns about this concept.