Autonomic Nervous System Disorder Due to Exposure RF Jamming


Background: The study of Heart rate is very important the body heart is directly related to heart rate ,the autonomic cardiovascular examination provides necessary information about function of the autonomic nervous system as well functional capacities of effectors heart and vessels and other associated part with radiation .Objective: To study the effect of jammer on autonomic nervous system as measured by heart rate.Patients and Methods: Heart rates of 10 males (age 21-51 years), and 10 females (age 20-54 years) were measured and recorded before, during using jammer for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes, and one hour after shutting down the device .Results: The results clearly indicate that jammer radiation induced high fluctuations in heart rate variability of recovery period (after15 minutes using jammer) and show that the change of heart rate variability signal during jammer exposure is not permanent. There was no statistically significant difference observed in heart rate.Conclusion: The heart rate flection resulting from exposure to radiofrequencies of jammer are depending on the orientation of both electric &magnetic field of the electromagnetic radiation, the greater increase in heart rate that occurred during E orientation irradiation.