Geographical information system relationship into sustainability of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) Applying of cloud computing to increase the usability of geographical information system in the process of managerial decision-making


The current study seeks to show the importance of spatial data, and its effective rolein the sustainability of the projects managed by organizations, the study also aims toidentify the extent of the impact and effectiveness of their use in data managementand decision-making and how to deal with it. The study is trying to answer thefollowing questions1-Is it possible to apply and the sustainability of the Geographic Information System(GIS) in decision-making by applying cloud computing process?To answer the questions have been relying on previous studies in improving theperformance of the (SDSS) and increase the security of information and thepossibility of access to information with ease, and reached the study to the group'sconclusions, including: is the subject of the GIS of the important systems in thesustainability of the projects, especially after linking Management System leading toincrease the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of these projects andsustainability on the other hand by taking administrative decisions related togeographical indications for this system.