The Leading Role Of The Administrative Leaders In Promoting Sustainable Development - A Survey Of A Number Of Faculties In The Universities Of Kirkuk And Tikrit


As a result of the uncertainties in the environment of contemporary organizations and theintensification of the competitive environment in them, and the correlation with the diversity andincreasing aspirations and expectations of the beneficiaries of the outputs of the organization onthe other hand to become the leading role of the administrative leaders the most appropriateapproach to achieve the objectives of those parties benefiting from the existence of theOrganization and promote sustainable development On the other hand, the aim of the research isto identify the nature of the leading role of the higher leaders in promoting the sustainabledevelopment of a number of faculties of the Universities of Kirkuk and Tikrit, through the use ofthe survey methodology to collect data, The study concludes with a set of recommendations, themost important of which is the adoption of senior leaders in the field concerned with the conceptof entrepreneurship by providing the basic elements of this concept as well as identifying thepositive aspects that promote sustainable development and address negative situations. Whichhinder their access.