The philosophy of violence and terrorism between totalitarism and globalization From Hannah Arendt to Jean Baudrillard


Violence and terrorism affected international and political relations between countries, and this is what Arendt looked at in analyzing the effects of the first and second world wars with hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded after politics ended with the use of violence, as its philosophy is based on the dismantling of violence practiced by totalitarian regimes, showing the boundary Between power, power and violence, despite the great overlap between these terms, terrorism has become a reaction to acts of violence through which the totalitarian regime tried to dominate individuals, as it criticizes the Nazis and what Hitler did against the Jews, especially what is known as the Holocaust that was suspected A turnaround in political life in the twentieth century, but the problem of violence has evolved due to the progress of science to be more tricky in the twenty-first century than the presence of bloody events in the world that are confronted in the same way and even more severe. Arendt and Baudrillard to dismantle the categories of violence and terrorism.