In vitro anti-proliferative effect of Methanol Extract from (Rubus idaeus L) on Lymphocyte cell lines


This study demonstrates the favorable effects of Iraqi wild type Rubus idaeus as anticancer and immunomodulating agent. The investigated of Rubus idaeus methanol extract prepared from ripe blackberries that collected from the farmlands north of Baghdad, the crud extract prepared at the several concentrations for cytotoxic study, and investigated stimulation on lymphocytes proliferation by MTT method. Results showed methanol extract of Rubus idaeusstimulating effect for the immune–system by increasing lymphocytes proliferation, especially at high concentrations (250,200,150 mg/ml) as compared with the control result. Also this study investigated in different concentrations of methanol extract of Rubus idaeus on Cytokine Levels (IL-2,4) and exposure time (2 and 4 hours) as well as control culture and standard solutions ELISA standard curve, cytotoxic effect showed a dose dependent inhibition rate increased with the increase of Rubus idaeusextracts concentration (P˂0.05). Results showed that there were potent toxic effects on Lymphocytes IL-2,4 and exposure time 4 hours specially when treated with the concentration (150 and 250mg/ml). All the concentration prepared from methanol extract of Rubus idaeusshowed cytotoxic effect against lymphocytes cancer cell lines in vitro with a significant difference between all concentrations as cytotoxic agent with increased concentrations and time.