Mosques and their Role in Achieving Social Security - Socio-Anthropological Study in Tikrit City


Social security is a fundamental pillar, and a strong base upon which human life is based, a great pillar upon which the creativity and giving of humanity and a noble destination, which individuals and groups aspire to achieve and governments seek to achieve. The aspiration and prosperity of society is linked to the degree of security and stability achieved throughout the country. Society thirsts for security whenever tragedies and calamities occurred and the disturbances and problems touched him.Today, the great challenges in Iraq are ravaging the institutional structures of society, dispelling their potential, causing a serious crack in their construction and functioning, and putting security at a crossroads, which requires a serious pause to explore the subject of this topic and the resulting structural imbalances at the level of the individual, institution and society, and known what are the social safety umbrellas that achieve its balance? This question is the mainstay of the study of the role of the mosques in achieving social security, in an attempt to reach the field data that brings facts from reality to conclusions and recommendations.