Anti-oxidant Activity Of Honey In Some City Of Middle and Northern Region


A study was conducted on different types of honey brought from Baghdad, Wasitt, Diyala, Kirkuk and Sulymanyah, including : Determination of the content of phenols, as well as the Anti-oxidant activity, Reducing power, Iron chelating ,and Super oxide scavenge . The concentrations 50, 100, 150 mg/ml were used for honey extract, There were significant differences between honeys samples studied, The highest content of phenols of Wasitt honey 1250.01mg/kg , The highest anti-oxidant activity was 81.30% of Wasitt honey, The highest reducing power was recorded 2.863 nm of Wasitt honey, As for the highest iron chelating, was found of Wasitt honey 84.98% , And The highest super oxide scavenge was found of Baghdad-a- honey 83.91%.Keywords: Honey, Phenols, Anti-oxidative activity, Reducing power, Iron chelating , Super oxide Scavenge.