Effect of Gain Medium Length and Doping Concentration on Gain Profile of EDFA


In this paper a single pass co-pump Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) is designedutilizing OptiSystem7. The effect of gain medium length and Er+3 doping concentrationon the EDFA gain profile is investigated. According to the results, at theoptimum pump power (OPP), the gain peak is 28.05 dB at 1530 nm and 34.47 dB at1555 nm for the EDFA within ion concentration of 1000 ppm and gain medium lengthof 5 m and 10 m; respectively, with a gain flatness of less than 3dB over 35 nm. Thisrepresents about 25 nm shifting toward L-band region. On the other hand, for a gainmedium length of 5 m and at the optimum pump condition, same gain shifting is observedwhen the erbium ion concentration is increased from (1000 –to–2000 ppm).Keywords: L-band EDFA, optimum pump power, gain profile.