The impact extent of concurrent engineering dimensions in product development in the state Company for Leather Industries Baghdad/An exploratory study


The current research attempts to clarify the impact of concurrent engineering on its four dimensions (parallelism, standardization, integration, optimization) in product development. The research problem was launched in an attempt to answer a set of questions, the most important of which are: "Is it possible that the implementing of concurrent engineering dimensions could enhancing the product development process?" The state company for Leather Industries in Baghdad was chosen as a field of research. The questionnaire has been used as a main tool to obtain data and information, and it was distributed to an intentional sample of (45) individuals that included top management and managers of departments and divisions. In order to analyzing data that collected by the questionnaire, the statistical program (SPSS) has been used. The research concluded a set of conclusions, the most prominent of which is that there is a significant correlation and effect between the dimensions of concurrent engineering (collectively and individually) in product development. Based on the conclusions, a set of proposals were presented that related to the company under research relate the applying of concurrent engineering method and adopting its basic dimensions as a tool to achieve production and delivery of the product to the customer an advantage in the time. As well as trying to benefit from global experiences regarding the dimensions of concurrent engineering and product development.