Analytical study in the econometric components of the Reserve Bank of Iraq of Iraq


The research plan is to review the theoreticalside, which are simple linearregressionmodels and multiple linearregression, includingregressionmodels of the quadratic model and cubism model in the normal formula and matrices method, thendescribing the statistical formulas for estimating the parameters of thesemodels and reviewing the most important standards controlling the quality of the models, The test will test Derbin and Watson and test the F-table and analyze the contrast and then compare between the models and choose the best model according to the statisticalmeasures and then display the results to the decision maker to make the decision in a soundscientificmanner, The surplus variables (reserve surplus, legalreserve (mandatoryreserve)), reservedeposits (US $), depositsunderreserve (IQD), the studyperiodfrom 2005 to 2016.