Dimensions of the Entrepreneurship Organizations and their Impact on Sustainable Development An Exploratory Study of The Opinions of A Sample of Employees of Asiacell Telecom


The research dealt with two variables that are of great importance in business organizations, namely the dimensions of the entrepreneurship organizations and sustainable development. The research aims to identify the impact of the dimensions of the entrepreneurship organizations in promoting sustainable development in the sector of mobile telecommunications companies, especially (Asia-cell). The problem of the study was a set of questions about the nature of the relationship and the mutual impact between the variables of the study, and adopted the descriptive analytical approach, the research included a random sample of (44) employees of the company (Asia-cell) mobile communications. The questionnaire was adopted to collect and process data and information and a number of statistical methods were used to test the hypotheses, and used (SPSS). The most important findings of the study are the importance of the dimensions of the entrepreneurship organizations of telecommunications companies and their impact on sustainable development. The most prominent recommendations were the need for telecommunications companies to be aware of the fact that the dimensions of entrepreneurial organizations is one of the keys to success for sustainable development and a priority sought by contemporary organizations.