The role of Husseini rituals in modifying behavior


Shed light on the implications of Ashura and reveal its implicit meanings and its role in influencing the behavior of individuals and the characteristics of social relations in order to link young people to the blessed Husseinian values ​​to promote values ​​and ideals in society that motivate and lead individualsAnd by practicing the Husaynid rituals that represent the school of Sayyid al-Shuhada, it is the flowing source of Islamic and educational values ​​that indicate generations on the right path and raises the moral level of the individual. The many virtues of wisdom and kindness are humility, dream, patience and others.Husseini rituals constitute the identity of the Islamic Ummah, that is the true affiliation of the school of Islam, and it promises to raise the voice of truth, defend freedom, and refine and purify souls from negative thoughts that affect religious values.