The current research aims to identify: - The level of Political alienation among university students. The statistical differences in the level of political alienation according to the variables of specialization (scientific - human). To achieve the objectives of the research, the researcher prepared a measure to measure the political alienation, which included four areas (the field of feeling of helplessness, the field of political isolation, the field of disintegration of standards and its imbalance, the field of lack of meaning) The four paragraphs of the scale and its four fields (47) were presented to 16 experts. After collecting the opinions of the arbitrators and then analyzing them, using a square for one sample to know the significance of the difference between the opinions of the arbitrators in terms of supporting the validity of the test paragraphs or not. (80%) of the opinions of the arbitrators to indicate the validity of the paragraphs were kept (38) paragraphs and was selected as a random class of students in the university in the number of (250) students. And has been extracted honesty and apparent power and excellence and stability The results were as follows: - The students of the university suffer from political alienation in general and there are differences of statistical significance between males and females in the level of political alienation in favor of males. There are no statistically significant differences between human competence and scientific specialization. Level of political alienation. The research presented a set of recommendations and proposals.