The Contextual Approach of Dr. Fadhel Saleh As-Samurrai in the Study of the Qura’nic Expression


The verses that are resembled in the verbal meaning were the gate that Al-Samerai took in presenting his outlined article. He had to have a base or evidence to depend on it to release and direct words meanings, whether that resemblance is a combination or a word, or a letter. Context judges the situation among these meanings. He says: ((I tried to rely and use the context to touch the differences in use, which is very important in the indication of the reason for choice(i). He denied the idea of those who neglect or divide the meaning into parts. He said: ((It is not right to cut off part of a verse or part of the context then extract the meaning, but should be seen in the whole context, and then consider the appropriateness of some parts to other parts of speech)) (ii).According to Al-Samerai’s view, context has an expressional feature in certain words which act according to that attribute. These words are synonymous with the context, and lead to their own meaning, such as the condition, the situation, the resemblance, the scene, and the general atmosphere and other contextual synonyms that exist in mind