Countering Extremism and cyber terrorism in Iraq through the use of the Through the use of human security: A study of the challenges of peace building


The issue of terrorism is one of the problems that have long plagued societies for various and interrelated reasons. This issue is being renewed at certain times with sharpness and fanaticism, which may destroy the structures and foundations of stability of societies. Iraq has suffered like similar societies that have been plagued by new forms of extremism and terrorism, Not only the loss of life,s and the bloodshed in the most heinous forms of murder, violence, humiliation, destruction of the infrastructure, social and economic, the destruction of cities and the waste of public money, but also contributed to violent shocks that spread to self, identity, The difficult faced by Iraq, and hit the international system Bartdadat reached the regional and European countries. The issue of terrorism, extremism and extremism has emerged in international issues affecting the local and regional environment, which has led many concerned to develop visions of how to deal with this danger and how to manage crises in the wake of terrorist attacks around the world.